Friday, May 20, 2011

NO DRAMA! thank god

Never really had prayers answered before but the last couple of days have been very peacful, relaxing, and stress free... wait a sec.. who am i kidding? yesterday at work i had 4 people come in and cuss me out. Had me to the point where i would have walked out if it was any other job.  Past behaviour? i dont know but this one guy was lucky he didnt get pulled over my counter. Im just doing my job, i understand being pissed off but why take it out on the guy whos just pushing buttons? lol

But that's just semantics, other then work bullshit ive been really enjoying the drama free lifestyle. Im avoiding the people that seem to be the most dramatic, things are working out well.  Instead of just ignoring peoples drama which is aparently impossible for me, im just going to avoid them all together! runaway!

Rainy day today, probably going to be slow at work. If something interesting doesnt happen soon i'm gonna start switching up what i blog about or maybe write a new one.  anyways, tonights toast is to no more drama!


  1. So glad my life is drama free and been like it for a good like year now haha

  2. Hope you can enjoy the other stuff. Here's to no more drama!

  3. Your job seems hard, I'm glad you can pass the day.

  4. My girlfriend is always moody and dramatic -____- gets really annoying sometimes. But then again its awesome when she's actually in a good mood. Meh, I don't know what to do 0_o