Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New day, old town, new blog

I was going to start a blog based on how I'm doing trying to get my shit together but I never would post on it so i deleted everything. Now Im back in little rock, was staying in eldorado by myself for a while, and finally working again. Spending alot of time trying to find new friends and reconnecting with old friends as well.  I thought it was going well.. until I decided to get involved with everyone's drama!

I dont know what's wrong with me sometimes but it feels like things were going smooth and now I've been set back a few months.  Hopefully things will turn around. Not sure what this blog will be about probably more like a journal with random thoughts... Not sure what to make of it.

Things have indeed changed alot since i was living in eldorado, and things have changed drastically since i moved from little rock.  Im a new uncle of a awesome little boy. hes only two months old and already growing fast and wanting to crawl. So excited about watching him grow up!  My sister has really changed alot as well because of it and im so proud of her. It was really cool that he was born on my birthday it still hasnt sunk in all the way.

I had made new friends and already destroyed that friendship... I tried avoiding new resentments and just keep adding on more.  I really should do something about it!  I know im not normally so crazy and impulsive but when a little drama and stress comes my way my judgment gets so clouded! Ive only been back a month and already i want to run away again! This time im going to stick it out tho and do something about it.  Can't keep shutting in everytime im under a little pressure and get sick to my stomach over the stupid shit i do.  Time to correct the problem instead of running from it.

So yeah i guess every day or mostly every day ill just post some random thoughts on here and see where it takes me.


  1. good luck & Happy blogging m8

  2. thanks duke, already off to a good start

  3. Awesome post man! Keep up this excellent work!

  4. Looking forward to your future blogs!

  5. Nice post, keep up the good work!

  6. good luck with your brand new blog